We do fit together


Comic-Con 2014 Outtakes & Highlights - TVLine (Emily & David around 2:04


"Who’s giggling now?"

Bones - 9x14 - The Master in the Slop


I love that they’re not only making episode 200 special, they’re making 206 special too! God I love this show.

Hey there, Christine. It’s me, your father. Dad, Dada, Daddy. If you’re watching this right now, I’m dead. If I was a good father to you, you’re sad right now. If we had some sort of, like, falling out, let’s just forget about it and move on. It’s not worth it. You know, personally, I’m doing everything I can to get into heaven right now. But your mother believes…well, she thinks that…I tell you what, why don’t you ask her? It’s complicated. These are the last words that I’m going to speak in this world, so here goes.


The Carrot in the Kudzu  9x18

'David Boreanaz reading a Bones script' (x)

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Favorite songs from Bones


Sigh…is it September yet?


"Describe each other in three adjectives.” (x)

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Am I the only melting with the fact that both of them said a lot more than the 3 requested adjectives???