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BONES: David Boreanaz Offers a Little Tease About Booth’s Mental State in Season 10


When BONES returns this fall, fans will see Booth — who will be four months into his imprisonment when the premiere opens — in a very, very vulnerable place. “I would consider him being at a very high level of post-traumatic stress disorder,” BONES star David Boreanaz (Booth)…



Do you have solid plans for episode 200?
SN: Yes.

Can you tease it?
SN: No. That one is going to — we’re still figuring out what we want that to be…I think [BONES creator] Hart [Hanson] and I will be writing that one.

Will it involve bringing back familiar faces?
SN: No. It won’t be in any way a flashback at all to the history of the show, to other cases, or anything. It’s going to be…just a totally unique episode, that will be some sort of odd punctuation to the 200 [episodes] we’ve been on.
JC: Probably directed by David Boreanaz (Booth).
SN: Yeah, David, I’m sure, will direct it.


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Is the conspiracy the main focus of the premiere, or is there still a new body of the week?
SN: There is a body. We actually find a way to do both. The first episode does go a long way towards the resolution of the conspiracy, but the main thing that’s occurring — one, there is a…